The Puroronics® refiner produces pure and safe clean water through all the pipes in your home, thus leaving your skin softer, your clothes and dishes cleaner and in turn prolongs the life of appliances, faucets, boiler, AC and everything what the water touches..

  • Eliminates impurities, harmful chemicals and softens for a better taste and smell in your water.

The Puronics® Hydronex® Igen® Whole House Water Refining System is specifically designed to reduce the levels of chloramine, chlorine and hardness typically found in municipal water supplies uses proprietary technology under the control of a smart valve to produce healthy and superior quality water, chloromine (a combination of chlorine and ammonia) is a common disinfectant for municipal water supplies, but could have potential side effects for people and fish. It is also very corrosive to lead and copper water lines. The corrosion resistant Igen® control valve and multilayer tank wrapped in stainless steel ensure your family will enjoy the benefits of crystal clear, healthy water for years to come.